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Donations help keep the museum open for the kids in the Klamath Basin to enjoy and have a safe, fun & educational environment!
You can make a donation by walk-in, mail, phone!
711 East Main Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601
(541) 885-2995

Using this new search engine that is powered by Yahoo will donate money to the museum everytime you search and if you use the for your holiday shopping the museum will get even more money donated at no cost you!

2 Hours of Volunteer Time

Volunteer once a week, bi-weekly, monthly…whatever fits your calendar

Every 2 hours volunteered by YOU earns you ONE FREE entry pass to give to whom you chose.

Many of our volunteers donate the less fortunate.

Earn a bunch of passes and gift them….. or use for your own family and friends.


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You can contribute through our

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